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Authentic Abruzzo
Events in authentic Italy


Lovely walking


Fabulous food

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Unexpected encounters

To the snow

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Cooking together

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Nice to the sea

For those looking for a holiday in the other Italy, Authentic Italy!

Abruzzo is the greenest region of Italy with the highest mountains of the Apennines, the Gran Sasso (Corno Grande 2914 m) and La Majella (Monte Amaro 2793 m). The natural parks cover 40% of Abruzzo. In short, central Italy, the heart of Italy! Within a half-hour drive you go from the Mediterranean atmosphere of the beach and the Trabocchi Coast (Costa dei Trabocchi) to the roughness of the mountains.
We always say: "In Abruzzo you need slippers for the beach and hiking boots for the country". Everyone must have seen it

AUTHENTIC stands for reliable, credible and genuine!

We would like to introduce our customers to the honest and genuine Abruzzo. All our accommodations and locations are located in areas that have not yet been discovered by mass tourism. We are mainly active in the Parco Nazionale della Majella, a WNF-supported and PAN-parks certified wilderness park. A place to enjoy nature, culture, old traditions and authentic products.

Why book with us?


  • Specialized in trips to ABRUZZO since 1996!

  • We speak the language and know the culture.

  • All accommodations have been visited by us.

  • We are personally present in the summer.

  • All accommodations have a guaranteed Wow factor!

  • We are available 24/7 during your stay in Italy.

  • We are affiliated with the Specialized Tour Operators Guarantee Fund, GGTO and VVKR 

Contact details


For English o Italiano  +39.3209126702 



Chamber of Commerce The Hague: 27370942

Office +31 (0)70 3872242

Mobile +31 (0)6 20258275  -+31.(0)6.15200329

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