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Who we are and what we do

AUTHENTIC stands for reliable, credible and genuine!


Since 1996 we have been the only Dutch travel organization with its roots in Abruzzo. We would like to introduce our customers to the fair and real Italy. All our holiday homes, agriturismos, villas, apartments, B & Bs and Charme Hotels are located in areas that have not yet been discovered by mass tourism. We are active in the Parco Nazionale della Majella, a WNF supported and PAN-parks certified wilderness park. A place to enjoy nature, culture, old traditions and authentic products. With Transavia and Ryanair you fly cheaply to Rome, Pescara, Ancona, Bari and various other Italian cities. With only a short journey time from the airports, all of our accommodations are easily accessible, even for a short break.


We are Monique and Christa Hendriks, two sisters with a passion for Italy and an even greater passion for Abruzzo.

Christa is married to a real Abruzzese, and because of the many family visits in Abruzzo, she became passionate about the possibilities that this area has to offer in terms of tourism. We both have been working in tourism for years and could not understand that all this beauty had been hidden from international tourism. From that time on, we have established many contacts together within the region and set ourselves the goal of bringing Abruzzo to the attention in the Netherlands and Northern Europe.


Monique has personally visited all accommodations and is, therefore, your direct contact for organizing the ideal holiday. For a few years now, Monique has also been organizing hiking trips to Abruzzo. She has visited all nature parks and walked the most beautiful routes.


Christa was born to develop and fully tailor (group) trips. Abruzzo was a new challenge for her to develop tailor-made group tours, which she has thrown herself into with heart and soul! Partly due to her experience as a supervisor of groups, she has built up a lot of knowledge. A source of information, you can contact her with all your questions about the development of the perfect group trip to Abruzzo.






Chamber of Commerce The Hague 27370942.


Authentic Italia is affiliated with the Guarantee Fund for Specialized Tour Operators (GGTO) and the Association of Small-scale Travel Organizations (VvKR)

The GGTO Foundation guarantees that (when booking a package trip) you will receive back the already paid part of your travel sum if the tour operator becomes financially insolvent. This can be before your departure but also during your stay on location. In addition, the GGTO Foundation guarantees your return journey during your stay if the tour operator can no longer take care of this due to financial insolvency. The tour operator will charge the consumer a fixed amount of EUR 15 per booking for this guarantee. This is how the guarantee fund is built up and maintained.



The VvKR stands up for the interests of small, often specialist travel organizations.
Through the VvKR, we join forces and share our expertise to achieve the greatest possible certainty and satisfaction for both the travel organization and the consumer.

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