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Riserva Naturale di Punta Aderci and the Trabocchi


The total coastline of Abruzzo covers 133 kilometers. Long sandy beaches, busy (mainly visited by local residents) paid beaches, where you feel at one with the Italians and under the umbrellas. Beautiful little beaches bordering the forests of Pine trees that cast their shade on the beach. Rocky and pebble beaches. Everyone will find a beach here to their taste. However, Punta Aderci beach is a well-kept secret. After a short walk you will find beautiful pebble beaches at the bottom of the hill with a view of a trabocchi.
The Trabocchi coast of Abruzzo is unique. You will not find these buildings anywhere in the world. Nobody knows when these wooden "fishing machines" came into being. The first descriptions of the trabocchi date back to 1400, but it is certain that they are even older. The fishing huts built on wooden stilts a few meters from the coast are accessible via a dangerous bridge, also on wooden stilts. It is so easy for the fishermen to cast their nets and bring them in via an ingenious system. Most are forbidden to visitors, but a number have been restored and made suitable as a restaurant. A romantic experience.

The sea at Punta Aderci.JPG
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