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Parco Nazionale della Majella



The Parco Nazionale della Majella is one of the three National Parks of the Abruzzo region in the heart of Italy in the central Apennines. It is the first PAN-Parks in Western Europe. La Majella, affectionately known as "la Madre Montagna" by the inhabitants of Abruzzo, consists of an impressive group of high mountains. Majella is a limestone massif, rich in caves and caves, with more than 60 mountain peaks, 30 of which are higher than 2000 meters. It is formed by deserted plateaus and steep valleys. The villages are situated in beautiful hills covered with olive trees, almond trees and the beautiful yellow flowering gorse. The houses are mostly built with the limestone of the park. Monte Amaro is with 2793 meters the highest mountain and the second highest peak in Italy, outside the Alps. Majella is unique because of its location, close to the Adriatic Sea and at the crossroads of several climates. As a result, there is a very varied flora and fauna.

The Majella Mountains are intersected in the east by deep gorges where man has left their mark over the centuries. Hermitage (eremi, abandoned hermits monasteries) and shepherd's huts (tholos) are the visible remains, but there is also much invisible. Recent excavations show that soil was cultivated on the high plains of the park since prehistoric times. In the Valle Giumentina, an educational center has recently opened, the Ecomuseo Valle Giumentina, about the paleontologic era. Education, science and nature conservation are of paramount importance in the park, in several villages on the edge of the park there are visitor centers where you can find a lot of information. You will of course also find a lot of information in our holiday homes.

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