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Parco Nazionale Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga

Above the rock massif of the Gran Sasso, the peaks of the Gorno Grande (2912) and the Corno Piccolo (2655) protrude like two shark teeth.
On the eastern flank of the Gran Sasso lies the Calderonegletcher, the southernmost glacier in Europe. To the south stretches the Campo Imperatore, a great plateau, immense. This is what the beginning of the earth must have looked like. It is known for its beautiful flowers in spring and summer. In summer, when the temperature on the coast rises, it can still be nice and cool here. Here you can make beautiful walks, all of which are well signposted. Here you will also find "Ristoro Mucciante", a restaurant on the plateau where you can grill your own meat outside. Especially the specialty arrosticini are delicious here. On the feast day of the sheep, August 5, thousands of sheep come here with shepherds. It is quite a sight. The Fauna is also special in this national park. Thanks to special programs, the original animals are again fully present. With a bit of luck you can see ibex, wolves and bears here. Roe deer and deer are common. You can also see the king eagle, hawk and long-eared owl here with great regularity. The rugged area of this national park is sparsely inhabited. Yet on the edges of the park you will find beautiful villages including Santo Stefano de Sassanio and Calascio (here the films "Lady Hawk" with Ruger Hauer and "The American" with George Clooney, among others, were filmed. park easily accessible.

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