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All-round is the right word

For those looking for a holiday in the real Italy, Authentic Italy!


Abruzzo is the greenest region in Italy with the highest peaks of the Apennines, the Gran Sasso and La Majella. In short, central Italy, the heart of Italy! Within a half-hour drive you go from the Mediterranean atmosphere of the beach to the roughness of the mountains.


We therefore always say: "Abruzzo needs slippers for the beach and hiking boots for the country".

Below are some great tips for activities in the area

Canoeing on the river Tirino

The Tirino is one of Europe's cleanest rivers, the turquoise transparent water looks tempting, but make no mistake, the water is super cold!


Several years ago, a group of young enthusiastic men and women set up a cooperative to valorize their area. They take you across the beautiful river led by experienced guides. The guides speak excellent English and are proud of their roots and know a lot to tell you. Also a very nice experience for children.


They also organize bicycle tours by mountain bike through the beautiful surroundings. Even with a tasting of local products halfway through, meraviglioso!

Canoe Tirino river.jpg
Image by Marco Savastano

The miles of coastline of Abruzzo

Do you fancy a day at the beach? Do you love organized beaches, type: bed, umbrella, booklet, drink? Then you will certainly enjoy the beach of Pescara. A kilometer-long beach full of beach pavilions from very luxurious to simple. Super busy in August, but in June, July and September it is almost quiet on weekdays. And ... only locals!


If you prefer a quieter beach and you do not mind bringing your own umbrella and chair, then Ripari di Giobbe is a great idyllic beach.


On an adventure in the forest

Every now and then the children also want to lose their energy. What could be more fun than a day of climbing in a parco avventura. Special routes have been set out for each age group. Everything, of course, completely safe and secured. You can also enjoy a picnic in the forest, so bring a nice lunch and enjoy. In the summer months it is also wonderfully fresh in the forest, a nice extra.



Parco avventura.jpg

Skiing in Southern Europe

Yes, skiing is also one of the many entertainment options in the Abruzzo region.

In the winter months, the Majella and Gran Sasso have guaranteed snow. The slopes are not up to the level of the alps but well worth the effort for a few days of skiing. And let's face it, where can you see the sea while skiing?

In Abruzzo of course!

Skiing with a sea view.jpg
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