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Culinary trips to Abruzzo

We take you on a culinary journey through this region with a lot of passion and pleasure. Together we make culinary trips, a sequence of cooking workshops, lunches and dinners.


Abruzzo has a lot to offer in the culinary field, a number of famous chefs come from this region. That is certainly not surprising when you list all those beautiful indigenous products that this region has to offer.


Saffron, truffle, unique olive oil, beautiful wines are just a few ingredients from the delicious Abruzzo cuisine. The Abruzzo cuisine is very varied, from simple, the countryside has an ancient farmhouse kitchen, to very refined.


Abruzzo is known for "zero spreghi", nothing is thrown away and you can make something tasty out of it!


During this trip you will of course also become acquainted with the intricacies of making pasta. For example, do you already know the "pasta alla chitarra" or "sagne e ceci" ?


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