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"Nessuno si salva da solo" No one can survive alone, which is why we firmly believe in the importance of good cooperation. From the very beginning, we have been working closely with a number of important partners in Abruzzo, such as.


Il Bosso has been active in Abruzzo for more than 25 years. Unique activities and programs for sustainable and responsible tourism.  Being a guarantee of quality and professionalism  the many employees who have been active in this sector for years.

The most beautiful villages in Italy form a large open-air museum, whose distinguishing feature is beauty, understood as a "promise of happiness", like the atmosphere emanating from a landscape or the charm of the passage of time. From fortified villages to medieval villages, from coastal villages to mountain villages, from castles to rural villages: the choice is endless. The villages have a slower pace than the cities, they are places where it is possible to observe the flow of the seasons and the balance between man and nature, and spend time together with the local communities, who love hospitality and good life have made their distinguishing marks.

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